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VigRX® Overview

It all started with VigRX®.


Others came, but most of them left. Yet, after more than 15 years, VigRX® is still here and more potent than ever. VigRX turns ordinary guys into studs in the bedroom, so they enjoy:

You might be 25 or 82, a college student, retiree or anything between. Simply take VigRX® and you’ll show up in the bedroom with a huge erection. And best of all, you’ll last longer and recover faster.


We guarantee it, with a 67-day money-back guarantee.

The VigRX® Original Difference

What sets VigRX apart from the rest of natural male enhancement supplements in the market? Aside from our reputation, VigRX is an ideally-dosed blend of natural ingredients that are scientifically researched and clinically studied to help men down there.


Here comes the best part: even doctors are starting to notice this supplement, including prominent physicians like Dr. Steven Lamm of The View.


At present, VigRX is considered the “king” in the world of male enhancement. Only the best products survive in this business. But VigRX is still here, thanks to a lengthy track record of “bigger” guys who get more sex.

Doctor Approved and Recommended!

Just some decades ago, medical doctors were reluctant to endorse herbal approaches. Today, the medical community is finally starting to recognize the wonder and power of herbal ingredients.


This is because there is a lot of scientific research that backs up the efficacy of herbal remedies. In fact, there are doctors who help carry out the research by studying herbal formulas in clinical trials. That has led to the recommendation of specific natural methods.


Here comes the surprising part: doctors are even endorsing the use of herbs to boost sexual function. The Reviews section will show you what those real and actual users have to say about VigRX®.

VigRX® Original Formulation

VigRX® works much better than its competitors due to the two key factors: The quality of its ingredients and the correct formula. VigRX contains ingredients that are simply the finest and freshest available. This is why alternative penis enhancement pills simply don’t come close to VigRX.


VigRX has been formulated professionally to deliver the best possible results, as backed up by lab tests. Our unique formula includes powerful herbal aphrodisiac concentrates from South America, Europe and China.


This exact mix of herbs creates a combination that is powerful and effective. VigRX is guaranteed to increase your sexual pleasure, help you maintain a strong erection and stimulate sexual activity. Although the benefits of the ingredients have been recognized for ages, laboratory studies have now confirmed this knowledge.

Below is the list of ingredients you can find in your VigRX supplements. And while we have known for centuries about the great benefits of these ingredients, let’s back it up with clinical studies to prove these benefits.

Research has shown that Ginkgo Biloba helps stimulate blood flow and may even help you get an erection. One study found that 78% of the men who used Ginkgo Biloba for non-medically caused sex struggles enjoyed significant improvements.

Panax ginseng, sometimes referred to as the “king of all herbs,” has been used for centuries to improve men’s sex lives. This herb is grown in Asia and has been repeatedly studied. It has been found to improve libido, sperm development and overall sexual health.

Hawthorn Berry is full of bioflavonoids, which help dilate the arteries. As you can imagine, that does good things for blood flow to your ticker, which relies on optimal blood flow to get and keep an erection.

They call it “Horny Goat Weed” because Epimedium Leaf Extract is proven to boost nitric oxide levels and relax the smooth muscles that can help you get hard. Epimedium Leaf is linked to a stronger sex drive, fewer erectile problems and greater sexual sensations.

Cuscuta Chinensis looks like a vine and was used traditionally for many ailments. It contains powerful phytochemicals like flavonoids, sponins, sterols, and triterpenes that produce a wonderful aphrodisiac effect.

Zinc is essential for healthy sperm development and mobility. Numerous clinical studies have shown that a zinc deficiency is responsible for poor sperm health and male infertility. No male infertility supplement would be complete without this essential element.

The VigRX® 67 Day Money-Back Guarantee

VigRX turns average guys into studs in the bedroom. It will help you, too. We guarantee it, with an iron-clad 67-day money-back guarantee.


It’s simple. Just try VigRX. If, at any time in the first 67 days, 60 days plus 7 for shipping, it doesn’t transform your sex life in awesome ways, return the product.


We’ll refund every cent, minus shipping and handling.

You get your money back if you don’t like it, so you’re covered. So, man up and join the millions of guys we’ve turned into super-studs for over 15 years.