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Now that I am in my 40's I really notice that keeping active is getting more difficult. VigRX Nitric Oxide Support really helps keep my energy levels up where I need them.
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I saw size in the first week and even more so in 6 weeks!
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I have been using VigRX Plus for one month and so far I have experienced 1/2 inch gain in length and a huge gain in girth. I cannot wait for months two and three!
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I have seen a significant improvement in both length and girth in a flaccid state. More importantly, I have seen approximately 2 inch increase in my erect state! Great product... would definitely recommend!
Earl Sumpter Jr.
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I've user VigRX Plus for a month now and I've noticed that my erection is twice as hard and stays that way for longer.
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I have harder and bigger erections. I already could last long but now I REALLY last long and my turn around time is faster!
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The product seemed to work in the first few days! I noticed change in the size and erections occur much more frequently as desired. A 1 inch gain in length has been the most noticeable change!
DeRand Gillespie
Durham, North Carolina